Super Bowl's global audience is not enough for crypto ads, suggests Kraken exec

Recent data reveals the Super Bowl has consistently drawn over 100 million viewers yearly since 2010. However, crypto exchange Kraken reportedly has no interest in advertising at the "U.S.-centric event."

This Sunday marks the annual Super Bowl LVIII, and there's curiosity within the crypto community about rumors of no crypto ads appearing this year, similar to last year. However, an executive of crypto exchange Kraken suggests that the event's American-centric focus clashes with its global plans.

Most notably, the now-defunct crypto exchange FTX stood out as a major advertiser during the 2022 Super Bowl, featuring comedian Larry David, only to collapse just nine months later.

On Feb. 1, Cointelegraph reported that David regretted taking part in the FTX promotion, in which he encouraged viewers “not to miss out on the next big thing.”

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