Wormhole bridge hacker from 2022 was briefly eligible for the recent airdrop

The hacker that once stole over $320 million from the Wormhole bridge appears to have been initially eligible to claim a Wormhole airdrop that would have netted them $50,000.

The hacker behind the famed $320 million exploit of the Wormhole bridge in 2022 was initially deemed eligible for an airdrop that would have seen the exploiter claim $50,000 in newly-launched W tokens. 

In an April 4 post to X, pseudonymous researcher Pland claimed that the Wormhole team had forgotten to exclude a number of wallet addresses affiliated with an exploit that saw hackers steal $321 million in crypto from the cross-chain bridge in 2022.

According to data from Solana-based airdrop checker Airdrop.link later cited by Degen News in an April 4 post to X, a total of four wallet addresses were temporarily able to claim Wormhole’s airdrop.

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