Clearstream joins ECB wholesale CBDC trials with tokenized securities

The Deutsche Börse subsidiary is the only central securities depository taking part in the first phase of digital euro preparations.

Central securities depository (CSD) Clearstream, a Deutsche Börse Group subsidiary, will take part in European Central Bank (ECB) trials of digital euro wholesale central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Clearstream, which operates the D7 post-trade platform, is the only CSD participating in the first phase of ECB “preparatory” trials. It, in turn, runs a German CSD, the LuxCSD in Luxembourg and an international CSD. Clearstream's head of issuer services and new digital markets, Jens Hachmeister, said in the statement:

Clearstream worked with Google Cloud to expand D7’s capacities. It will test the use of distributed ledger technology for wholesale transactions with tokenized securities and link to three European central bank products: Deutsche Bundesbank’s Trigger Solution, Banca d’Italia’s TIPS Hash-link, and Banque de France’s Full DLT Interoperability.

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