Ethereum Whistleblower Reveals When Proof Of ETH Founders’ Fraud Will Be Released

Amid the ongoing Ethereum scandal, former Ethereum advisor and attorney Steven Nerayoff has recently revealed how he plans on sharing proof of Ethereum founders’ fraud activities in the early days of the cryptocurrency asset.

Ethereum Founders’ Fraudulent Acts To Be In Lawsuit Following an X (formerly Twitter) post by a user Heidi from Crytotips, the crypto enthusiast was seen trying to underscore the lack of authenticity from Nerayoff’s claims.

According to her, his accusations were a no-brainer due to the disclosure lacking proof of his accusations.

Related Reading: Options Frenzy: Bitcoin Rally To $37,000 Sparks Explosive Open Interest Surge However, Nerayoff in response to the video, asserted that he never claimed his accusations were going to be in the disclosure highlighting the crypto enthusiast’s lack of proper research.

He further added that he is going to reveal the fraudulent acts of the founders in his lawsuit.

Nerayoff had always noted that his recording was not actually linked to his accusations but rather his involvement with Vitalik Buterin.

“The recording isn’t directly related to the fraud but will illuminate a lot of what was happening & show my involvement.

The fraud will be in the lawsuit,” Nerayoff stated.

Furthermore, the crypto expert also pointed out Nerayoff’s accusations towards federal agencies.

According to her, the former advisor was a little paranoid with his accusations.

During an X space, Nerayoff accused some high federal agencies of fabricating evidence against him in order to take him out.

These include the SEC, FBI, and the DOJ.

Total crypto market cap currently at $1.3 trillion.

Chart: Nonetheless, in response to that, Nerayoff has asserted that this was actually proven and publicly filed.

“The paranoia about the agencies? Well, that’s actually proven & publicly filed,” Nerayoff stated.

Crypto Asset Is Not Decentralized From The Onset It appears Nerayoff’s claims about ETH not being decentralized from the early days are authentic.

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