Sleeping Giant Awakens! Ethereum Whale With Over 12,000 ETH Creates Noise

The Ethereum market is buzzing after a long-dormant “whale” – a major investor holding a vast amount of cryptocurrency – resurfaced and transferred a significant amount of ETH to the Kraken exchange.

This move has sparked speculation about a potential price drop, but wider market trends suggest a more complex picture.

Related Reading: Bitcoin Dips, But Don’t Panic: ETFs See Three Days Of Bullish Inflow On-chain analytics firm Spot On Chain has disclosed that the investor, who participated in Ethereum’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in 2014, recently deposited 1,069 ETH, valued at roughly $3.56 million, to Kraken.

Traditionally, deposits to exchanges are seen as a sign of intent to sell, potentially putting downward pressure on the price of ETH.

This whale’s activity is particularly noteworthy because of their participation in the Ethereum ICO.

Back in 2014, they acquired 12,566 ETH at a meager $0.30 per token.

The recent transfer represents just a fraction of their holdings, but the sale price – over $3,300 per ETH – signifies a massive profit for the early investor.

An #Ethereum #ICO participant returned after 1.12 years to deposit 1,069 $ETH ($3.56M) to #Kraken at $3,329 3 hours ago.

The whale received 12,566 $ETH at #Ethereum Genesis in Jul 2015, at an ICO price of ~$0.31, And then distributed the $ETH across 12 wallets in 2017, of which…

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