Solana devs target April 15 for failed TX fix — it’s ‘not a design flaw’

Solana’s percentage of failed non-vote transactions went over 75% last week, and developers are now targeting a fix to be implemented on April 15.

Solana developers are targeting April 15 to implement a fix for an “implementation bug" that recently caused the transaction failure rate on Solana to skyrocket.

“Solana’s current issue is not a design flaw, it’s an implementation bug,” stressed Mert Mumtaz, the CEO of Helius Labs, a blockchain infrastructure firm that provides back-end support exclusively to the Solana network.

“It is important to make this distinction because implementation errors are usually trivial [while] design errors are generally serious and more fundamental,” Mumtaz explained to his 108,000 X followers on April 8.

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