The metaverse is poised to revolutionize the $54B medical tourism market — research

The metaverse has found substantial footing in the medical industry with the advent of dedicated facilities catering to remote healthcare.

The metaverse — a loose term describing interconnected digital worlds navigable by humans virtually, with no technical regard to geography — is set to upend the medical tourism industry. 

Recent analysis from industry experts at Omnia Health, the Iranian Journal of Public Health, and Medical Tourism Magazine shines a light on how nascent telemedicine technology built on the metaverse concept can onboard and streamline patient acquisition and improve patient satisfaction for medical tourists.

Medical tourism is a form of travel involving a patient leaving their home geography to pursue medical treatments in foreign territories. This can be done for quality reasons, if patients believe they can recieve better care outside of home, for financial reasons to help mitigate the costs of local healthcare, or for myriad other reasons.

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