Watch out ERC-404, there’s another hybrid NFT standard in town

DN404, another experimental hybrid token and NFT standard was launched by a group of developers that claim they’ve fixed the inefficiencies of ERC-404.

Only a week after the launch of ERC-404 — an unofficial Ethereum standard created to blend the functions of fungible and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) — another team of developers claims to have done it better with “DN404.”

The “Divisible NFT” standard, like its ERC-404 rival, “aims to be a hybrid ERC-20/721 token.” The proposed standard essentially allows NFT holders to trade fractionalized portions of their NFT with others, according to pseudonymous developer “cygaar” in a Feb. 12 X post.

“Our end goal was to create a token standard that could act as an NFT with native fractionalization built in,” cygaar added. They claimed while ERC-404 has been popular, “it doesn’t follow existing standards, is inefficient, and breaks at certain edge cases.”

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