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Court Rules Some Crypto Trades as Securities

This ruling emerged from a case involving insider trading by Coinbase’s former product manager, Ishan Wahi, and two of his associates. The case has sparked a significant debate about the regulatory framework surrounding cryptocurrencies and their classification as securities. Shaping Crypto’s Future: The Impact of Legal Clarity The court’s decision about crypto trades is very...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Bitcoin ETF Outpaces Gold in Record Demand

One such milestone is the speed at which an ETF reaches the $10 billion mark in assets under management. Historically, The first gold ETF reached $10 billion in two years, highlighting its appeal as a safe-haven asset. However, The BlackRock Spot Bitcoin ETF quickly hit $10 billion in two months, showcasing the surging interest in...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

SolChat Launches Blockchain-Based Audio Calls on Solana

This groundbreaking functionality not only enhances the usability of blockchain technology. But, it also marks a significant leap forward in decentralized communication, offering users a secure and efficient way to connect. Revolutionizing Communication: Blockchain Meets Audio Calls SolChat’s audio call feature leverages the power of the WebRTC protocol. It is a standard that facilitates peer-to-peer...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

WEF Shifts Stance: Bitcoin Mining Now Protecting Congo’s Wildlif

This marks a major shift from the WEF’s 2017 critique of bitcoin mining as ‘dirty’ and ‘wasteful,’ with warnings of excessive global energy consumption. The message shift reflects BlackRock’s evolving view on crypto’s impact and benefits, highlighted by CEO Larry Fink’s role on the WEF Board. Let’s discover more about this important news for Bitcoin...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Commonwealth Bank Sets Limits on Bitcoin Buys

This action highlights banks’ worries about cryptocurrency volatility and its effect on consumer finances. Commonwealth Bank’s cap on crypto transactions aligns with digital currencies’ rising acceptance and ongoing scrutiny over speculation and illicit ties. Let’s discover more about this important news for Bitcoin. Crypto Caps Amid Rising Acceptance and Scrutiny Under the new policy, CBA...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Ethereum Dencun Upgrade: A Catalyst Amidst ETH ETF

The eagerly awaited Dencun upgrade for Ethereum has finally been scheduled for March 13th, drawing closer by the day. Dencun upgrade is poised to enhance the performance of existing Layer 2 solutions. Ethereum Upgrade: Boosting ETH Amid ETF Wave This category is witnessing a burgeoning number of contenders as newcomers like Mode Network, Blast, Fraxtal,...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Revolutionizing Web3 Education: Meet Edu3Labs

Online learning is the fastest-growing segment of education. Since its creation in 2000, it’s grown by 900%. Not a lot of colleges and universities are growing at all, let alone by 900%. So of all the Web3 adaptations like the Web3 of Amazon Web Services, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Chrome. Why is there not a Web3...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

New Coinbase Wallets Simplify Crypto Onboarding

Coinbase introduces two innovative wallets to tackle user onboarding challenges for developers. These Coinbase wallets ill reduce friction and speed up user-friendly on-chain onboarding. Streamlining Blockchain Access with New Coinbase Wallets The first of these solutions is the smart wallet, an enhancement to the Coinbase Wallet SDK. This smart wallet feature allows for instantaneous wallet...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Kentucky Introduces Bill to Protect Bitcoin Rights

This legislation aims to safeguard rights to buy, mine, run nodes, and self-custody Bitcoin. Kentucky joins 10+ states enacting laws to defend cryptocurrency user rights. Kentucky Advances Cryptocurrency Protections The bill highlights Kentucky’s support for digital currency use and citizen engagement with Bitcoin. Kentucky seeks to boost innovation, growth, and inclusivity by protecting Bitcoin rights...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Nigeria Demands $10 Billion from Binance Amid Currency Crisis

Bayo Onanuga, adviser to President Bola Tinubu, says Nigeria demands at least $10 billion from Binance. This demand arises amid a crackdown on Binance and a significant devaluation of Nigeria’s currency. Nigeria’s $10B Claim Against Binance In a BBC interview, Onanuga claimed Binance’s “illegal transactions” harmed Nigeria’s economy. This accusation highlights global government concerns about...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Nigeria Demands $10 Billion from Binance Amid Currency Crisis

Bayo Onanuga, adviser to President Bola Tinubu, says Nigeria demands at least $10 billion from Binance. This demand arises amid a crackdown on Binance and a significant devaluation of Nigeria’s currency. Nigeria’s $10B Claim Against Binance In a BBC interview, Onanuga claimed Binance’s “illegal transactions” harmed Nigeria’s economy. This accusation highlights global government concerns about...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

MixMob Origin Acquires Star Wars NFT Rights for Gaming

This move lets MixMob blend gaming, blockchain, and pop culture by adding iconic characters as game NFTs. The Original Stormtrooper recognized globally for its distinctive white armor, has been a symbol of the Star Wars saga’s enduring appeal. Iconic Star Wars Character Joins MixMob as NFT By securing the NFT licensing rights, MixMob Origin not...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

$STX Price Surge Predicted by Pantera Capital

According to Pantera Capital, the price of $STX could potentially reach $8.29 following the Nakamoto event in April. Furthermore, the firm has outlined potential upside targets that could see the token’s value soar as high as $131.8 per $STX. $STX Valuation: A Glimpse into Crypto’s Future Stacks aims to bring smart contracts and dApps to...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Arbitrum and Robinhood Partner to Simplify Web3 Onboarding

The partnership will introduce features through the Robinhood Wallet to ease new user entry into Web3. Arbitrum enhances Ethereum’s scalability, speed, and cost-efficiency, tackling key blockchain challenges. Arbitrum Boosts Ethereum: A Leap in Blockchain Efficiency The collaboration will focus on integrating features into the Robinhood Wallet that simplify the user experience for those new to...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Merrill Lynch and Wells Fargo Offer Bitcoin Spot ETFs

This development comes as a significant nod towards the integration of digital currencies into mainstream investment portfolios. The decision to introduce Bitcoin spot ETFs was made after careful consideration of the burgeoning interest in cryptocurrencies among investors. Bitcoin ETFs: A Gateway to Wider Adoption According to Bloomberg, these ETF products will be made available to...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Binance Lists Axelar (AXL) with New Trading Pairs

This listing is scheduled to take place on March 1, 2024, at 11:30 UTC, marking a pivotal moment for Axelar and its stakeholders. Binance adds AXL/BTC, AXL/USDT, AXL/FDUSD, and AXL/TRY pairs, expanding trading options for Axelar’s token. Binance Adds Axelar Pairs Withdrawals for Axelar (AXL) will be enabled the following day, on March 2, 2024,...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Vanguard CEO Steps Down After Bitcoin ETF Row

This follows Vanguard’s choice to avoid a Bitcoin ETF, aimed at protecting investors from crypto volatility. Following that decision, Bitcoin’s price soared 50%, igniting discussions on Vanguard’s missed opportunities and its CEO’s resignation. Bitcoin’s 50% Price Surge Post-Vanguard Decision The avoidance of a Bitcoin ETF was due to Bitcoin’s speculative risks. The firm cited concerns...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

COTI’s Latest Crypto Updates Unveiled

Other than ADA, perhaps Cardano’s flagship token was COTI. At least it was. What about now? COTI has some huge new upgrades going on and due to its token, COTI is up 335% in the last 30 days. But is Cardano being left behind for bigger markets with more liquidity? Let’s see what’s new with COTI...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Polkadot Embraces Decentralization as its Way Forward

Polkadot was one of the top-performing projects in the last bull run. But a lot has happened since then, and DOT has fallen in the pecking order, struggling to catch up with the likes of Ethereum. The Polkadot team spent a great deal of time designing a way forward. And their solution is to embrace...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

PORTAL to Debut on Binance: Possible Price and Tokenomics

Given Launchpool’s history of $350M-$450M launches, this event is eagerly awaited. PORTAL’s expected debut price of $2 to $2.7 per token marks a promising start in crypto. Let’s discover more about PORTAL. PORTAL’s Promising Launch Understanding PORTAL’s tokenomics provides a clearer picture of what this listing means for investors and the market at large. PORTAL’s...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

BYDFI Lists 3 New Gaming and DeFi Protocols

BYDFi, the Singaporean based exchange, keeps offering new listings. Some of their newest listings include a gaming and two DeFi protocols. Bloomberg called BYDFi in 2023 as one of the top 10 crypto exchanges. Listing new tokens keeps building their foundation. So, that’s why we take a closer look at three new protocols that BYDFi...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

U.S. Government Transfers $921M BTC, Bolsters Crypto Holdings

This transaction highlights the government’s strategic role in the crypto space, showing wide acceptance of its value and potential. The significant BTC transfer shows the government’s large crypto holdings and confidence in its long-term value. US Government’s Bold Crypto Strategy Unveiled With the current holding of 200.16K BTC, the U.S. Government has positioned itself as...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Market Moves: Should You Buy, Sell, or Diversify Now?

The reason why we decided to write this article is because there are people in our private chat in Altcoin Buzz Alpha that is asking us things like: “Hi team, Could you suggest if this is the time to sell and book profits? I am nearly 3x on a lot of coins so was just...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Top 3 AI Gems for a HUGE Crypto Portfolio

Let’s talk about regrets for a minute. You know, those moments when you kick yourself for not jumping on the bandwagon early enough? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Whether it’s SOL, ADA, ETH, or MATIC, the list goes on and on. But guess what? The crypto market is all about second chances and this time,...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

N64 Emulator Inscribed on Bitcoin by Pizza Ninjas

This feat was enabled by Brotli Compression on Ordinals, greatly boosting the viability of inscribing N64 games onto the blockchain. Brotli Compression is a game-changer for inscriptions focusing on optimizing data storage and transmission. It offers file size reductions of approximately 80% by adding videogames or other kind of data. Bringing N64 Games to Bitcoin:...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Crypto Hackers Now Steal Without Your Approval. Here’s How

There’s never been a better time to stay security conscious than now when crypto is going mainstream. Large institutions like BlackRock, Fidelity, JP Morgan, and Microsoft aren’t the only ones with an interest in crypto. Seasoned scammers also want a piece of the pie. Crypto hacks and scams have increased over the past couple of...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Will Bitcoin Hit Its Peak Before the Halving?

Scheduled to occur approximately every four years, this event has historically been a catalyst for significant price movements in Bitcoin. As the next halving nears, speculation grows on whether Bitcoin will surpass its peak before the event. In this article, we’ll provide a trading analysis from our TA lead. Factors Influencing Bitcoin’s Pre-Halving Price Surge...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

When Is the Best Time to Sell Airdrops?

Airdrops have been sharing the spotlights over the last couple of months. Quite a few projects dropped big shares to their users or testers. Jito, Celestia, Dymension, Jupiter, and a few others had juicy drops. So, first, there’s the excitement of receiving ‘free money’. But what are you going to do with it? Keep it...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Hey Wallet to Enable Solana NFT Transfers via X Posts

This feature will revolutionize NFT interactions, simplifying digital asset transfers to just tweeting. Without a set launch date yet, this development will mark a notable step in blending blockchain with social media. Let’s discover more about Hey Wallet. Revolutionizing NFT Transfers on X Solana, known for its high-speed blockchain and low transaction costs, has become...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Bankman-Fried Advises on Crypto from Jail Amid Legal Battle

Sources say Bankman-Fried has recommended Solana, a crypto he once heavily supported, to guards at his jail pre-fraud conviction. Bankman-Fried’s fall from grace has been both dramatic and swift, capturing the attention of both the crypto world and the general public. However, his empire collapsed swiftly after fraud allegations, causing FTX’s bankruptcy and his arrest....Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Jupiter Exchange Launchpad Vote Set for March 4th

This key event signals a major milestone for Jupiter DAO, readying to vote on the platform’s first two launches. This initiative from Jupiter Exchange underscores the platform’s commitment to fostering innovation and community engagement within the blockchain ecosystem. Jupiter DAO Readies for Inaugural Project Votes The LFG launchpad boosts new projects with the exposure and...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Launch Alert: Uniswap’s Sidebar Extension

This tool pioneers a major shift in digital wallet interaction by being the first to integrate directly into your browser’s sidebar. This marks a shift from traditional pop-ups, making transactions more intuitive and less intrusive. Revolutionizing Transactions: No More Pop-Ups The waitlist for this groundbreaking extension opens today, inviting users to experience the future of...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Bybit Partners with Solana for DeFi Fiesta: $120K in Prizes

This collaboration is set to kick off with the much-anticipated Solana Fiesta Launch, a month-long event running from February 29 to March 29. This partnership between Bybit and Solana highlights the growing synergy and innovation potential between crypto exchanges and blockchain ecosystems in DeFi. Forging the Future of DeFi: A Collaborative Leap The Solana Fiesta...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

A Game Changing Cardano Move | Powered by Wanchain (WAN)

We have a special treat for you today. One of our favorite projects. One we often recommend. One that’s the leader in its category. One that people have trusted to move $800 million of volume. One that people have never lost money to a security issue or hack. Who am I talking about? The best...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Phantom Introduces ‘Wallet Watcher’ for View-Only Tracking

This innovative feature allows users to add any wallet as a view-only account within Phantom. It provides a seamless and secure way to monitor the activity of other wallets without the need to own or manage them directly. The introduction of “Wallet Watcher” marks a significant leap forward on Phantom by enhancing user experience and...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Shocking 121% Pump: Explosive Crypto AI Gem

AI is one of the big narratives for 2024. It’s in good companionship with, for instance, RWA, modular chains, and DePIN. The combined marketcap of AI protocols went up by 35% over the last 7 days. That’s an amazing $17.4 billion. Currently, AI is in its early stages. There’s still lots of room for improvement among the...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

This Could Change Crypto Games FOREVER | BIG GAINS

Web3 games have made a lot of progress in recent years in terms of ownership and general gameplay. But have you ever felt like we could get more out of these games? If you have, then this article is for you. After a long search, I’ve got one project that’s changing every aspect of crypto...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Donald Trump Gives a Wink to Bitcoin

Trump acknowledged the widespread use of Bitcoin, labeling it as “interesting” but underscored the necessity for regulation. Despite acknowledging Bitcoin, Trump reiterated his preference for the US dollar, showing caution towards digital currencies. But first, let’s see a brief summary of what’s the evolution of Trump’s opinion about cryptocurrencies. Trump’s Timeline with Bitcoin / Cryptocurrencies...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Avalanche C-Chain Block Production Halts

This unexpected pause has raised concerns and prompted an immediate investigation from stakeholders and the network’s developers. According to data from Avascan, a widely used block explorer for the Avalanche network, the last transaction recorded on the Avalanche C-Chain occurred at block number 42046853, timestamped at 19:13 UTC+8. Urgent Fix Sought for Avalanche C-Chain Issue...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

$MOBILE and $STRK are Now Available on Coinbase

This integration significantly enhances Helium Mobile’s accessibility and visibility in the crypto community. Coinbase has made MOBILE available on its iOS and Android apps, signaling strong confidence in the potential and utility of Helium Mobile’s offering. Helium Mobile’s Coinbase Debut: Expanding Reach This move is a testament to the growing interest in and recognition of...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

THORWallet Integrates with Sui Network

This strategic move marks a pivotal moment for both entities, aiming to enhance user experience and broaden the scope of dapps. The Sui Network’s unique technology provides a scalable, secure platform for dApps, making it an ideal partner for THORWallet. Thor Wallet and Sui Network: A Strategic Alliance Thor Wallet’s Sui Network integration offers users...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

How to Swap ETH Coins without gas

Every day, the Ethereum network sees over a million transactions, showcasing its substantial utility beyond mere price speculation. As the primary hub for on-chain activities within the crypto sphere, Ethereum is synonymous with DeFi, attracting considerable traffic that often leads to network congestion and elevated transaction fees. While increased activity is favorable, the fee surge...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Paris Saint-Germain: First Soccer Club to Become a Chiliz Validator

Paris Saint Germain (PSG,) a French football team, is deepening its ties in SportFi following its latest role as a validator for the Chiliz blockchain. The football team and blockchain platform have an existing partnership where the Chiliz chain hosts Paris Saint-Germain’s fan tokens. PSG: Soccer’s First Chiliz Validator Their new partnership makes PSG the...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Texas Firms Sued SEC Over Digital Asset Rules

This lawsuit challenges the SEC’s wide-reaching control over digital asset transactions in Texas and nationwide. This lawsuit’s timing is key, coming before LEJILEX’s launch of a new digital asset trading platform. LEJILEX’s Pre-Launch Legal Move Against SEC The lawsuit aims for a court ruling that LEJILEX’s digital asset transactions aren’t securities sales, thus not subject...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Hivemapper Bee: Earn by Driving with Solana’s Mapping

This feature advances decentralized mapping, letting users easily contribute to Hivemapper and earn rewards without traditional app hassles. Hivemapper, known for its blockchain-powered global map, now lets users effortlessly drive and earn. Drive, Map, Earn: Hivemapper’s Seamless Integration Hivemapper Bee eliminates the need for manual app operation or the tedious wait for data uploads, streamlining...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Nigerian Presidential Aide Calls for Ban on Binance

A presidential aide to Nigeria’s Bola Ahmed Tinubu has called for a ban on Binance and KuCoin to protect the nation’s weakening currency. Bayo Onanuga serves as an adviser to the President on information and strategy. He claimed these crypto exchanges were partly responsible for the naira’s continued depreciation and its downfall in the forex...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Idaho Proposes Bitcoin Custody & Trade Protection Bill

The state’s bill to safeguard Bitcoin custody and trade rights marks a key step towards wider U.S. crypto acceptance and regulation. Unlike previous initiatives, this pivotal development was not spearheaded by Satoshi Action, a group often associated with advocating for the rights of Bitcoin users. Idaho Bill Protects Bitcoin Rights The Idaho Freedom Foundation, known...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

MetaMask Extends Security Service to Major Chains

MetaMask, a self-custody cryptocurrency wallet, is taking steps to improve security for its users. The wallet service provider is extending its security alerts to mobile app and web extension users across different blockchains. MetaMask Expands Security Services Across Major Blockchains The wallet noted that users on chains such as Avalanche, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Linea,...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

The Ultimate Guide About Token Extensions on Solana

Only possible on Solana. Have you seen or heard this before? It’s their slogan for all the innovations taking place on Solana. One of their newest innovations is token extensions. These allow you to add new features on top of the original Token Program functionality. This opens a lot of new options and possibilities. So,...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Jupiter Rolls Out Moongate & Sniper for DeFi and NFTs

Two important announcements from Jupiter will give users a better experience managing their funds. Firstly, Jupiter exchange has introduced an innovative solution that bridges Ethereum assets to Solana, leveraging the capabilities of Moongate. Bridging Ethereum to Solana with Moongate Moongate is a software development kit (SDK) designed to facilitate a smooth transition of Ethereum-based assets...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

3 BULLISH Reasons For This Bitcoin L2 – Tectum (TET)

Have you been ignoring this crypto project in 2023? Do not ignore it anymore! Because both Bitcoin ETFs and Bitcoin Ordinals are breaking records. To accommodate this massive growth, Bitcoin needs a Layer 2 that is capable of handling maximum transactions at blazing speed. And that Layer 2 is Tectum. Its token is flying as it’s up 675%...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Circle to End USDC Minting on TRON Blockchain

In a move that marks a new chapter for the company and its users, Circle will discontinue minting USDC on the TRON blockchain. This phased transition will end new USDC minting on TRON soon, unfolding over the next few months. Let’s discover more about this decision from Circle. Transitioning Away from TRON: The USDC Strategy...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Exodus Wallet Exits U.S. Due to Regulatory Challenges

Exodus cites regulatory hurdles for its U.S. exit, highlighting the complex U.S. crypto business environment. The exodus wallet, a leading crypto wallet, enables secure storage, management, and exchange of cryptocurrencies. Exodus Shutdown: Regulatory Woes Force U.S. Exit Its integration of the Lightning Network, a second-layer protocol on top of Bitcoin’s blockchain, allowed for faster and...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

How to Revoke Token Approvals in MetaMask

Having your wallet drained is not fun. With the current bull run in the making, we see an increase in phishing attempts. One way to prevent somebody from draining your wallet is by revoking access to your wallet. Etherscan now also offers this service. So, let’s find out how to revoke access to your MetaMask. This...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Beoble Raises $7 Million for Web3 Social Messaging

You often hear in crypto of a project being the Web3 of ABC. For about a decade in the US VC world, everything was the Uber of XYZ like small tasks with TaskRabbit or groceries with Instacart or Shipt for other retail. Beoble, whose social chat and messaging app wants to be the WhatsApp of...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Best On-Ramp + Off-Ramp Solutions for USDC in the U.S.

For US citizens, trading crypto in the US is not without challenges. Unfortunately, limited options are available. On top of that, you also have the on-ramp and off-ramp issues to deal with. That’s why, we will take a look at USDC on-ramp and off-ramp options in the US. What Is On-Ramping and Off-Ramping Crypto? On-ramping...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Wanchain Brings Cardano and EVM Together

Wanchain and Maestro, a Cardano-based dApp developer platform, submitted a proposal to the Cardano governance community in November 2023. The proposal sought to support compatibility between Cardano-based apps and Cardano assets with EVM wallets such as Metamask. Thankfully, the Cardano governance community approved the proposal. This approval will simply expose Cardano dApps and native assets...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Binance Lists $STRK, Expands Trading with New Token Pairs

Starting February 20, at 13:00 UTC, the platform will open spot trading for $STRK against a variety of pairs. It includes STRK/BTC, STRK/USDT, STRK/FDUSD, and STRK/TRY. This expansion not only enhances the liquidity of $STRK but also provides traders with multiple avenues to engage with this token. $STRK’s Binance Debut In preparation for the trading,...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

AltLayer: Funding Success and Blockchain Innovations

The company has made news with key developments, highlighting its dedication to blockchain growth. In this article, you will discover three important announcements from Altlayer you should be aware of. 1) Impressive Fundraising Achievement AltLayer has successfully secured $14.4 million in a strategic fundraising round led by top venture capital firms. Landmark Update: AltLayer has...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Crust Network’s SubDA & HRMP Boost for Polkadot

The network seeks to open HRMP channels between Polkadot Assethub and Crust Network. This move is poised to enhance interoperability and functionality within the ecosystem significantly. This initiative is not just a step towards technological advancement but also a stride towards supporting the pinkonomic community through airdrops. Also, further solidifying Crust Network’s commitment to its...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Here’s All About the FixedFloat Hack

FixedFloat became the latest crypto platform to suffer a hack. On-chain data shows that a hacker moved around $26 million worth of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Inside the FixedFloat Hack Incident The event was first reported on X, after which the FixedFloat team confirmed the situation, citing minor technical problems at first. The FixedFloat team said...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

How to Recover Funds From Wrong Deposits at Binance

Have you ever been in a situation in which you made the wrong deposit at a CEX? If not, keep that going. However, many among us, including myself, have been in this situation. You deposit funds or assets to the wrong address or chain. Not an immediate reason to start panicking, but it sure is...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Binance to Pull Back Support for Leveraged Tokens in April

Binance, in a blog post shared on Feb. 19, said that it would no longer support Binance Leveraged Tokens (BLT). The decision is reportedly part of its product review and the exchange’s decision to focus on products and services that yield the most value to its users. Binance Ends Leveraged Token Support in April Binance...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Ronin Boosts DeFi: New Pool & Staking Surge

The introduction of the RON/PIXEL liquidity pool on the Katana DEX stands out as a significant enhancement. Alongside a remarkable growth in staking participation and a surge in interactions with the $RON / $RONIN staking contract. These milestones underscore Ronin’s commitment to fostering a robust and dynamic DeFi environment. The RON/PIXEL Liquidity Pool on Katana...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

IQ Wiki Expands to Korea, Eyes Further Asian Growth

IQ Wiki has officially launched its Korean version, marking a significant milestone in the democratization of blockchain knowledge. As the world’s largest blockchain encyclopedia, IQ Wiki Korea opens up a treasure trove of thousands of wiki articles, catering specifically to the Korean audience. Unlocking Blockchain Insights: IQ Wiki’s Korean Debut IQ Wiki, the cryptocurrency powering...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Pixels: P2E Growth and $PIXEL Listing on Binance

This game has skillfully blended resource management, strategic exploration, and community building to create an immersive and rewarding experience. Over the past year, Pixels has seen remarkable growth, establishing itself as one of Web3’s largest games with a daily active player base exceeding 180,000. A significant milestone in its journey has been the listing of...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

$XAI Mainnet’s Growth and Pyth Price Feed Boost Web3 Gaming

This surge in activity highlights the burgeoning interest and trust in the $XAI ecosystem. It aims to become a cornerstone of the blockchain gaming sector. $XAI, XAI GAMES’ native token on Arbitrum Layer-3, offers traditional gamers a smooth entry into web3 with high speed and low costs. Let’s see more about “XAI. XAI GAMES: Bridging...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

PaLM AI Unleash NFT Innovation, Token Burn & Gemini 1.5 Pro

PaLM AI is at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence into the blockchain space. Specializing in creating innovative solutions for digital content creation. This includes NFT minting and AI-driven applications. Here’s a deeper dive into this transformative partnership and other exciting developments from PaLM AI. A Seamless Fusion of AI and Blockchain At the heart...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Uniswap Confirms v4 Update for Q3-2024

DeFi protocol Uniswap will launch its V4 in Q3-2024 after the upcoming Dencun upgrade on Ethereum, slated for March. The Uniswap Foundation, the organization backing the Uniswap protocol shared the announcement on X. Uniswap v4 Update Set for Q3-2024 Launch Uniswap is one of the most popular automated market makers. It helps process trades between...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Magic Eden’s Non FungibleDAO: $NFT Token Rewards

Magic Eden leads in the NFT space, offering a decentralized platform for trading NFTs for artists and collectors. The introduction of the Non-FungibleDAO and its $NFT token rewards is a step further in their commitment to not only enhancing the user experience. Also, it supports the open-source community that is fundamental to the growth and...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Filecoin-Solana: Boosting Blockchain Scalability and Security

Filecoin is now set to bolster Solana’s blockchain by providing a solution for one of the most pressing issues facing blockchains today. Scalable and secure data storage. Solana taps into Filecoin to improve block history access for stakeholders like providers, explorers, and indexers needing historical blockchain data. Enhancing Access to Solana’s Historical Data The integration...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

High Potential Polygon Matic Gaming Gem | IQ Protocol

IQ Protocol brings a new twist to the NFT space. The protocol allows you to rent NFTs. I reported already various times about the IQ Protocol. I showed you their campaigns and prize money that you could win. My first video already dates back 8 months when they launched their marketplace. Since launch, they’ve clocked...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Why Injective (INJ) is Set to Overtake Solana (SOL)?

Solana was in the spotlight during the last couple of months. It’s the comeback kid, from being down to under $8 a year ago to a recent high of $121 for SOL. The chain is currently the 5th largest project measured by market cap. During last year, SOL saw a price increase of 285%. However, at...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

14 Million Bridged to Solana via deBridge Finance in One Week

deBridge Finance, a cross-chain bridge, enables secure and efficient asset transfers across different blockchains. Its unique approach, which bypasses the need for liquidity pools, relies on a decentralized network of validators to facilitate transactions. Boosting Blockchain Interoperability with deBridge This approach secures transfers and cuts liquidity shortage risks in traditional bridges. Consequently, deBridge Finance is...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Solana & Injective Launch First Omnichain Domain Service

This initiative represents a major step forward in the quest for a more interconnected and user-friendly blockchain environment. The introduction of this omnichain domain name service enables users to utilize $INJ, Injective’s native token, to purchase .sol domains. Unified dApp Development Across Solana and Injective These domains can then be used across Solana dApps, creating...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

SharkyFi Debuts $HARK Token via Jupiter LFG Launchpad

This move showcases SharkyFi’s growth in DeFi and Solana’s ability to support advanced protocols without traditional escrow. So, SharkyFi introduces a pioneering DeFi platform for NFT lending without intermediaries. SharkyFi Eyes Growth with Jupiter LFG Launchpad By leveraging the power of smart contracts on the Solana blockchain, SharkyFi ensures secure, transparent, and efficient transactions. This...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Coinbase Earnings Go On-Chain with Commemorative NFT Minting

This pioneering initiative allows users to mint Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) every quarter. This will commemorate the milestones of Coinbase’s journey toward its mission of bringing economic freedom to the world. Coinbase’s NFT Milestones: A New Financial Era Coinbase has consistently been at the forefront of integrating blockchain technology into traditional financial processes. This latest endeavor...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Transak Integrates with LUKSO for Easy $LYX Purchases

LUKSO is known for its Universal Profiles. A revolutionary concept that provides a more intuitive and user-centric approach to blockchain identities. Transak’s integration lets users easily buy $LYX in LUKSO’s Universal Profiles with common payment methods. Seamless $LYX Acquisition via Transak in LUKSO This bridge between finance and blockchain marks a major advance, given LUKSO...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Polkadot Picks Revealed: Top 4 DOT Altcoins

The Polkadot ecosystem is one good place to shop for your next bull market coin. Why? Because lots of these projects are under the radar but have good potential for long-term success. And most of them are at a decent entry point. In this article, I will show you 4 good Polkadot (DOT) projects you...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

A New Secure, Censorship-Resistant Wallet-to-Wallet Internet?

Today, we’re taking a deep dive into CoNET. It’s a project that aims to build a privacy-based, wallet-to-wallet internet. Now, what does this mean? And how does CoNET plan to do this? Let’s find out more below. Before we begin, let’s start off by taking a look at what CoNET is. What Is CoNET? CoNET...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Quack Fun Enables Farcaster Access via Solana Wallets

This collaboration allows exclusive Farcaster access with Solana wallets, enhancing user experience with blockchain’s security and efficiency. Farcaster has leaped forward by embracing Solana’s blockchain capabilities. The integration with Quack Fun extends the reach of Farcaster’s decentralized services to a broader audience. Seamless Farcaster Access with Solana Wallets Solana wallets as Farcaster’s only access via...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Taurus Brings Ethereum Staking to Swiss Banks with Lido Protocol

This strategic move marks a significant milestone in the intersection of traditional finance and DeFi. Offering clients a seamless and secure gateway to Ethereum staking services. Taurus’s initiative meets rising institutional interest in digital assets, reshaping digital asset management and investment. Ethereum Staking Revolution: Taurus and Lido Protocol Banks and corporations are attracted to staking...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

The Solana Scribes Hackathon: $139K in Prizes for Writers

This competition lets participants showcase their writing, enrich the blockchain community, and compete for a share of the $139,000 prize pool. Offering 52 chances from diverse dApps in Solana’s ecosystem, participants have many themes to explore, ensuring a fit for all creatives. Explore, Write, Win: 52 Chances in The Solana Scribes Hackathon The hackathon enriches...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Telefónica Uses Chainlink on Polygon for SIM Security

This innovative step enables smart contracts to detect unauthorized SIM changes. Advancing the battle against mobile fraud and enhancing global user security. Integrating Chainlink Functions, Telefónica bridges real-world data with blockchain smart contracts via a decentralized oracle network. Telefónica Leverages Chainlink for Enhanced SIM Security Chainlink Functions allow smart contracts to execute based on inputs...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

$ZUSD and $GYEN Stablecoins Go Live on Solana with GMOTrust

The company announced that its stablecoins, $ZUSD, and $GYEN, are now live on the Solana blockchain platform. This move boosts the stablecoins’ use and shows GMOTrust’s dedication to using advanced technology for superior financial solutions. GMOTrust’s Stablecoins on Solana Stablecoins have become increasingly important in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. They provide digital currency benefits—speed, security, borderless...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Crypto Whales are Accumulating These 3 Altcoins NOW

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the market right now as Bitcoin’s price remains unstable. However, crypto whales have shown interest in certain coins lately and are accumulating them in large numbers. These large purchases could have a huge impact on the market. So, you must find these coins and craft your buying or holding...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Solana Moves Ahead of BNB in Market Cap

Solana has surpassed Binance’s BnB to emerge as the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Coinmarketcap data places Solana’s market at $50,639,875,491, surpassing BNB’s $49,827,434,384. Solana’s surge is no doubt impressive, coming days after suffering a network downtime. Some analysts believe SOL’s recent momentum is thanks to several events within Solana. Solana Surpasses BNB: A New...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Bitcoin Hits $1 Trillion Market Cap, Surpassing Major Economies

Bitcoin reaching a $1 trillion market cap showcases its rising acceptance and integration into mainstream finance. So, Investors are drawn to Bitcoin for its high returns, inflation hedge, and its decentralized, global access. This rise in interest and investment has boosted Bitcoin’s value, disrupting financial norms and fueling debates on money’s future. Bitcoin Challenges Traditional...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Solana’s $45M Breakthrough in Mobile Sales on Shopify

This achievement showcases cryptocurrency’s growing acceptance in commerce and rising consumer confidence for substantial purchases. 51% of customers, contributing to $20 million in sales, opted for $USDC transactions through Solana Pay, powered by Helio. Solana Mobile: Leading with $USDC Transactions The surge in Solana mobile sales on Shopify reflects its strong ecosystem, enabling smooth transactions...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Polygon PoS Bridge Leads with Record $80M Volume

In the last 24 hours, it recorded the highest bridge volume, nearing $80 million in transactions. This significant achievement not only highlights the growing popularity of the Polygon network. Also, the Polygon Bridge underscores the increasing trust and reliance users place on its infrastructure for secure, efficient asset transfers. Polygon Bridge Hits $80M in Transactions...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Seamless Crypto Trading with LedgerLive-Coinbase Integration

This integration ushers in a new age of ease and reliability for crypto traders, especially those valuing security and efficiency. Staking, swapping, buying, and selling move to Coinbase within LedgerLive, hinting at a future where all trading can be done without leaving the app. Trade, Stake, and Swap: All Inside LedgerLive via Coinbase This development...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

SharkyFi Leads NFT-Fi Market with 88% Share

SharkyFi’s dominance in the market is a testament to its robust platform, innovative features, and the trust it has garnered from users. By offering a secure and user-friendly interface for NFT holders to unlock liquidity from their digital assets, SharkyFi has managed to outpace its competitors significantly. SharkyFi: The Titan of NFT-Fi Lending Its platform...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Binance Founder, CZ, to be Sentenced in April

Former Binance CEO and founder Changpeng Zhao (CZ) will continue to face legal uncertainty after a US court pushed back the date for his money laundering case to April 30. Zhao previously entered a guilty plea to counts of money laundering, and his sentencing was initially scheduled for February 23. CZ’s Sentencing: Binance Founder Faces...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Bitcoin ETFs Have Hit the $10 Billion Milestone

Bitcoin ETFs have reached the $10 billion mark in assets under management (AUM). These numbers came after the first 20 trading sessions and one month after their approval. Let’s see more details about these Bitcoin ETFs. Bitcoin ETFs: Crossing the $10 Billion Threshold BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust leads the way with $4 billion, followed closely...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Chainlink’s Role in Streamlining Global Trade Challenges – Part 2

This is the second part of this article. Here you can read the first part. Among these, fraud, errors, and visibility issues stand out as critical areas requiring innovative solutions. Let’s explore more about Chainlink’s role in solving Global Trade issues. 5) Fraud Global trade faces fraud, like counterfeits and double financing, due to poor...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Chainlink’s Role in Streamlining Global Trade Challenges – Part 1

Addressing interoperability, financing, documentation, and coordination is crucial for streamlined, cost-effective, and secure trade processes. Chainlink offers a solution with its secure, tamper-proof data feeds and blockchain connectivity. Let’s explore how Chainlink solves these issues. This is the first part of the article. 1) Interoperability A key global trade challenge is the lack of interoperability...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

OKX Expands Services to Argentina

OKX has continued its expansion in Latin America and has launched its services in Argentina. Argentine users will now be able to trade NFTs, access a self-custody wallet, and use the OKX exchange for trading activities. OKX Marks Its Territory in Argentina with Service Expansion South American countries such as Brazil and Argentina have opened...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Solana Mobile Preorders Hit 100,000 in Record Time

Solana Mobile’s bold venture introduces a device merging blockchain with mobile technology’s convenience. By reaching the 100,000 preorder milestones of the Solana Mobile, Solana has demonstrated a strong market appetite for a smartphone that offers more than just traditional features. Solana Mobile: Bridging Blockchain and Mobile Convenience In light of this achievement, Solana has announced...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Jupiter Integrates SPL22 for Enhanced Token Swaps

SPL-22 updates the SPL token standard with faster transactions, lower costs, and a smoother, safer trading experience. With SPL-22 integration, Jupiter Swap leads DeFi platforms, allowing easy swaps between any SPL token and SPL2. Seamless SPL Token Swaps with SPL-22 Integration This integration is more than just a technical enhancement; it represents a significant leap...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >

Tensor Dominates Solana NFT Market with 77% Share

Tensor’s NFT marketplace success reflects its innovation, ease of use, and strong security, improving user trading experiences. Tensor has managed to attract a wide audience, ranging from seasoned NFT collectors to newcomers eager to explore the digital art space. Redefining NFT Trading: Tensor’s Path to Dominance Tensor’s market share growth is particularly noteworthy when compared...Read full story at Altcoin Buzz >