Ripple launches new stablecoin. What is behind the move?

What does the launch of the new digital currency mean for the future of XRP and the crypto market? Ripple (XRP) announced on Apr. 4 that it is diving into the stablecoin market, launching a digital currency tied to the U.S….Read full story at BTCManager >

dYdX Chain halts block production following network upgrade

dYdX is facing a chain halt amid a scheduled upgrade, marking its first major outage since the launch of its fourth version. Cosmos-based dYdX Chain stopped producing blocks on Apr. 8 shortly after the network underwent a scheduled upgrade to…Read full story at BTCManager >

MATIC MVRV ratio flashes rare buy signal amid push toward $1

Market data suggests Polygon (MATIC) may be poised for an impending price resurgence, as its 30-day MVRV (Market Value to Realized Value) ratio flashes an unusual buy signal. Wise Advice, a crypto analyst, called attention to this metric, citing data…Read full story at BTCManager >

DeeStream presale hype escalates, attracts ADA and DOT holders

As DeeStream’s presale captures the attention of the crypto community, holders of Cardano and Polkadot are flocking to this promising new streaming platform, signaling a significant shift in investment trends amid current market challenges. #partnercontent…Read full story at BTCManager >

Hong Kong’s crypto exchange HashKey goes global with Bermuda license

Cryptocurrency exchange HashKey is set to expand its business on a global scale with a new venture aimed at qualified retail investors. Hong Kong‘s licensed crypto exchange HashKey launched a new venture called HashKey Global established for an international business,…Read full story at BTCManager >

Preparing for bull-run 2024: how to build a crypto portfolio

Learn how to build a good crypto portfolio and how diversification helps offset losses and maintain stability. Given the wild ups and downs of the crypto market, the formula for long-term success lies in crafting a well-diversified crypto assets portfolio….Read full story at BTCManager >

Bitcoin’s decline drives investors toward Fezoo presale

The recent dip in Bitcoin’s price to $65k has shifted investor focus towards platforms like Fezoo, which promises decentralization and direct control over assets, challenging traditional centralized exchanges. #partnercontent…Read full story at BTCManager >

Nansen exposes Arkham’s dubious $55m transfers in ARKM via Binance

Blockchain forensics firm Nansen has uncovered Arkham’s shady $55 million transfers in ARKM, suggesting potential sales on Binance. Arkham Intelligence, a blockchain deanonymization platform backed by Binance and others, has found itself in hot water after its rival Nansen revealed…Read full story at BTCManager >

Coinbase International set to list ORDI and WLD perpetual futures

Coinbase’s institutional client-facing subsidiary has revealed plans to list perpetual future contracts for the BRC-20 token Ordinals and Worldcoin on April 11. In an April 5 X post, Coinbase International Exchange said that it would list perpetual futures products for…Read full story at BTCManager >

Sei Foundation woo NFT creators with $10m fund

The Sei Foundation has announced the launch of a new $10 million grant fund to fuel growth in NFT and Social projects. In a joint collaboration with Gitcoin, the Sei Foundation has unveiled a new $10 million fund dubbed the…Read full story at BTCManager >

Milei Moneda joins Dogecoin and XRP in the race to $1

Milei Moneda emerges as a standout investment in the burgeoning crypto market with its deflationary nature and ROI potential, while Dogecoin rides a wave of bullish momentum, contrasting sharply with XRP’s downturn and bearish forecasts. #partnercontent…Read full story at BTCManager >

Solana and Rebel Satoshi rise as Ethereum ETFs gain support

Ethereum ETFs receive backing from influential entities like ConsenSys, signaling a bullish outlook. As Solana shows resilience and Rebel Satoshi gears up for growth, investors are eyeing these developments for potential opportunities. #partnercontent…Read full story at BTCManager >

Tron faces legal troubles. What’s next for the network?

How have recent legal challenges impacted Tron’s trajectory, and what implications does this hold for Tether’s future? According to recent research by TRM Labs, in 2023, Tron (TRX), led by Chinese entrepreneur Justin Sun, saw 45% of all illicit crypto…Read full story at BTCManager >