Five Agencies Partner with Justice Department to Counter Civil Rights Violations Stemming from AI-induced Prejudice

Five federal agencies have joined forces with the Department of Justice to enforce civil rights against AI-induced prejudice. The point to note is that these federal agencies are in addition to the agencies that have already been working in this regard. The announcement came through a press release on Friday from the Office of Public…Read full story at Cryptopolitan > Revolutionizes Memecoin Market with $5.2M in 38 Days

Even while the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem was faced with challenges, a new platform whose focus is on memecoins launching and trading has been reported to have made $5.2 million in 38 days. Originally set-up for the Solana token transactions, before expanding the range of tokens to support the Ethereum layer 2 protocol Barrage, the…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Ethereum-based products record negative outflows for the fourth consecutive week

Ethereum-based crypto investment products have witnessed a negative outflow for the fourth week in a row. According to data from CoinShares, Ethereum saw a $22.5 million worth of outflow last week with most altcoins experiencing an opposite trend. The report found that other crypto-based investment products experienced positive inflows. Ethereum-based investment products record negative outflows…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Detained Binance official in Nigeria denies money laundering accusations: Report

A senior official at Binance, Tigran Gambaryan, was reported to have pled not guilty to allegations of money laundering in a recent court appearance, said a local media report Legal challenges for Binance executives in Nigeria Gambaryan was detained in Nigeria since February together with his colleague Nadeem Anjarwalla, following the claim by Nigerian authorities…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

ParaSwap DAO allocates funds to compensate hack victims

The ParaSwap DAO community has agreed to use the funds in its treasury to compensate hack victims. The proposal was submitted by the ParaSwap decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) on April 4, bringing the idea of using the funds to refund the AugustusV6 contract victims. ParaSwap DAO agrees to compensate victims The community came to a…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Massive Shiba Inu transfer and burn rate surge stir market speculation

Whale of the SHIBA removed 692 billion SHIB from the exchange and sent it to an unknown wallet, which is estimated to be worth a total of $19.26 million USD. This meant the transactions cost a whopping 1.56.00 onl. It was this transfer that triggered a host of inferential dialogue pertaining to both the…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Philippines SEC urges users to withdraw funds before Binance’s ban

Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) PhiliFintech Innovation Office Chief Paolo Ong has said that the agency cannot sign off on new methods to withdraw from Binance after its potential ban. Recall that the Philippines SEC ordered the country’s National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to block access to some exchanges due to their unlicensed status. Philippines…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

CLAMM trading options on the DeFi scene through PancakeSwap and Stryke collaboration

PancakeSwap, a well-known DEX, partners with Stryke (once Dopex) to accommodate the first-in-class CLAMM Options Trading. This joint initiative the next step for DeFi, as it brings for the first time options trading to the Ethereum sidechain. by providing the domestic options traders with some A-CLAMM formats, will be able to take advantage of numerous…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

AI Chip Stocks Surge as Demand Skyrockets

With the advent of the AI era, a growing need for certain types of semiconductor chips is noticeable since the majority of industrial applications based on AI are conducted on such chips. AI has many problem-solving applications, and some companies play the chips needed for extensive computing and data processing in the leading place of…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Indian crypto traders get a tax break from KuCoin – What it means

Man, things just got really interesting for Indian traders. KuCoin just announced a major update effective April 10th – a 1% Tax Deductible at Source (TDS) on the proceeds from Virtual Digital Assets (VDA) transactions. This has the Indian crypto community sitting up and taking notice. The tax deducted will find its way to the…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Madrid is Using AI to Tackle Waste Littering

One of the largest waste management providers, FCC Medio Ambiente, wants to install AI systems to detect waste items improperly disposed of in waste bins, starting in Madrid, Spain. Improper waste disposal, particularly littering or dumping outside designated bins, has been a major headache for cities and residents. Madrid Turns to AI to Resolve Improper…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Alphabet’s Price Target Rises on AI Voice Search Optimism

Oppenheimer analysts have raised the price target for Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: Also, the foundation of the interview is the role of Google (NASDAQ: GOOG), the core company of the giant technology Google. The changed figure suggests the company expects that Google will put AI voice search technology deeply into its search, leading to a better…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

The Rising Use of ChatGPT in the Workplace Among Younger Employees

The condition where the workplace is rapidly changing, the incorporation of generative AI tools, largely consisting of ChatGPT is surging massively, particularly among the younger generations, as indicated by a recent Pew Research Center report. This development was observed in two waves. By February 2024, the share of U.S. adults who used ChatGPT reached 23%…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Spotify Rolls Out AI Playlist Feature in the UK and Australia

Spotify continues the integration of AI and music streaming by presenting the launch of the AI Playlist feature, which is available for Android and iOS users, mostly in the United Kingdom and Australia. So, we developed this distinct and customized feature to boost users’ enjoyment and produce a playlist after determining user prompts using AI…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Delhi Prepares for Record Summer Power Demand with AI and Strategic Power Purchases

The sizzling temperature in Delhi during summer reaches its highest peak, with power demand soon to become a record-setting 8000 MW, reaching an all-time high. Among the distribution companies (discoms) having TRSES Delhi Distribution Limited and BSES Rajdhani Power Limited as its members, there are specified action plans that govern the interruption of electricity supply…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Cardano founder discusses common hurdles in crypto and AI sectors

Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson recently addressed concerns by the blockchain world. He dealt with critique of Cardano’s native token and system in an April 7 posting on X. Hoskinson stated he thinks the Cardano network will improve with 2 significant upgrades coming soon enough. He stressed Cardano’s ability for scalability, leadership, and development. Additionally, he…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Bitcoin’s (BTC) Bearish Woes Continue; Book of Meme (BOME) Enjoys Massive Interest; InQubeta (QUBE) Soars Past $13M in Presale

The much-anticipated Wormhole airdrop is finally here. The cross-chain bridge initiated its massive airdrop on Wednesday, with early users rewarded with 617 million of its governance token—one of the biggest airdrops alongside DYM, Pixels and Starknet. Amidst this excitement, Bitcoin’s (BTC) bearish woes continue. Since the SEC’s approval of spot BTC ETFs, it has been…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Bill Morgan debukes myths affecting Ripple’s XRP token

Bill Morgan, a notable Ripple community member, tackled the recurring rumors that were undermining Ripple native token XRP. To begin with, Morgan’s analysis concerns three main areas of widespread disinformation. Morgan tackles the bullies with evident-based refutation, in order to lead the community to more constructive discussion. The first question is how Ripple handles its…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

AI-Created Video Wins in Pink Floyd Contest, Stirring Controversy Among Fans

Pink Floyd, the household band for rock revolution,with one of his album , “The Dark Side of the Moon,” are now a serious cause of the debates. The showband organized a competition around the 50th anniversary of the record, giving its guests an open platform to submit videos for every single track that is on…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

National AI Summit in Johannesburg Highlights Urgent Need for Regulation

AI Summit of the Nation – where people at the level of policymakers, workshop members, and other stakeholders gather together, took us in following a crucial question: Need AI regulations considering the growing demand for governance? The event gave us a lot of evidence that the eligible conclusions of the strategy are workable about AI…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Pepecoin (PEPE) Vs O2T – Why This Pepecoin (PEPE) Nemesis Has Showed 500% Better Results for Holders?

The emergence of Option2Trade (O2T) as a formidable contender to the meme coin Pepecoin (PEPE) has sparked intense interest and debate among investors and enthusiasts alike. Achieving an astounding 500% better performance for its holders, Option2Trade (O2T) has not only challenged the status quo but also redefined the metrics of success in the digital currency…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Bitcoin & Ethereum Prices Surge as Coinbase Wins Court Case

Bitcoin and Ethereum are on a tear thanks to a huge Coinbase court victory over the weekend. Adding to the bullish sentiment, Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX), a new cloud mining project, continues to generate hype – with its presale closing in on the $13 million milestone. Crypto Market Booms as BTC & ETH Take Off Crypto…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Dogwifhat and Pepe See Gains This Monday as Dogecoin20 Could Pump Next

Meme coins have had another strong start to the week with the total market cap rising 4.3% to $64.6 billion at the time of press. Leading the way are two of the hottest meme coins of 2024 – Dogwifhat and Pepe with gains of 12.27 and 7.5% respectively. Finding considerable support at $3.20, Dogwifhat has…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson declines BitBoy crypto debate invitation

Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson has refused an invitation to discuss together with Ben Armstrong (BitBoy Crypto), cryptocurrency expert and YouTuber. Hoskinson stated he wouldn’t discuss crypto with BitBoy. This particular move comes after Armstrong scathingly examined Cardano (ADA) on YouTube and compared it to various other blockchains like Solana (SOL) and Toncoin (TON). Armstrong’s critique…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

JPMorgan CEO Says AI is the Most Important Issue Facing the U.S. Largest Bank

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon revealed Monday that artificial intelligence is one of the biggest challenges facing the largest bank in the U.S. In his “Annual Report 2023” letter, Dimon said JPMorgan faced several challenges, from the terrible ongoing war and violence in the Middle East and Ukraine to geopolitical tensions with China, but highlighted…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Frax Finance allocates $250M USDe to boost DeFi liquidity

Recently, the decentralized finance (DeFi) lending platform Frax Finance received approval from its community for a governance proposal. The proposal, which was approved on April 5, paves the way for an investment of $250 million in USDe from Ethena Labs into a newly established liquidity pool. This initiative is part of Frax’s Singularity Roadmap and…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

WHO Unveils Ethical Framework to Govern AI’s Role in Pharmaceutical Development

World Health Organization (WHO) has pushed forward a dynamic statement document, known as “Brand new Interplay between Artificial Intelligence and Drug Discovery and Distribution” This particular document can be conceived as a key milestone that will enable AI to be transformed into a driver of the future pharmaceutical and drug delivery systems, although there are…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse predicts crypto market cap to hit $5 trillion by 2025

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse just recently made a huge prediction for crypto. In 2025, he sees the entire market cap approaching USD five trillion. The projection is based upon his projection of the industry’s present course. Garlinghouse says the move to Bitcoin ETFs has provided the firm confidence. Garlinghouse trusts these will be essential in…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

New AI Hub to Spearhead Language Model Innovation Set by Microsoft in London

Microsoft announced act of establishing an AI hub in London as a crucial step to enhance the company’s artificial intelligence leadership. This achievement falls within the tech giant’s general strategy to bolster its AI capabilities, which is currently being pursued under the banner of Microsoft AI unit. Followed by Mustafa Suleyman’s, DeepMind is the British co-founder,…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Elon Musk enters legal fray with Brazil’s supreme court

CEO of social media website X Elon Musk has a legal fight with Brazil’s Supreme Court. The argument originates from Musk blocking some users on X, a move which violates Justice Alexandre de Moraes instructions. Moraes’s orders prevent digital misinformation and hate speech. The case has become too much to handle because Moraes announced he…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Navigating Image Copyright in the Age of AI: A Journalist’s Guide

Overwashing the circles of digital communications in today’s dynamic world, editors and communicators must address themselves and respond to the whirl of challenges they meet while working with images. After AI became a reality of our time and circumstances like image manipulation via deep fakes and IP compensation have become features of the present day,…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Cardano gears up for major upgrades amid criticism

Charles Hoskinson,co-founder of Cardano, stands strong and admits all the challenges which they are facing. In an Odyssey that has taken its critics and dramatists on a journey ranging from the native token ADA and its ecosystem, Hoskinson insists on upcoming solutions that are going to be the cherry on the cake to a network…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Slothana Rasies Over $10 Million In Presale – Next Solana Meme Coin to Go Viral?

Slothana ($SLOTH) is a new Solana meme token that features a sloth who dreams of going from “420 to $420 million.” After witnessing huge popularity, the platform recently raised over $10 million through its unique presale model. Users can simply send $SOL to the token address or use the homepage widget to buy $SLOTH. Your…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

AI in the Workplace of Balancing Innovation with Responsibility

Element of the seasons of artificial intelligence (AI) for some industries, the results of a study have projected the takeup of AI in the corporate world. A nationwide survey by Censuswide captured the mindset of ±500 UK CEOs, from the hopeful and the fearful to those ready to regulate the use of AI in the…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

TSMC’s Stellar Performance Propels Taiwan’s Equities Beyond South Korea’s Tech Market

While this development in Asian technology investment dynamics was possible because of Taiwan’s success over South Korea, the latter was overtaken by the astounding growth of its reliable semiconductor producer, one of them is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC). In 2023, the stock of Taiwanese companies increased by 14% mainly due to TSMC and its…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Canada Announces a $2.4 Billion Investment in AI

The Canadian federal government announced a hefty $2.4 billion package to build capacity in AI (artificial intelligence). In the upcoming 2024 budget, a big chunk of this investment, amounting to $2 billion, will be allocated to improve the nation’s computing power for AI researchers, startups, and for scaling up projects. Canadian prime minister Justine Trudeau…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

The Rise of Memecoins on Fantom: The Age of the New Leadership Arrives.

In crypto, you have memecoins, which have become like the rebel without a cause. While it would be difficult for them to gain investor confidence, they are held together by community support and viral trends rather than fundamental value. The landscape for the Fantom blockchain has seen a recent novelty as currencies in the memecoins…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Aave Welcomes Renzo Protocol and ezETH, Expanding Ethereum Lending Horizon

The Aave community as an integral part of the community has just made a fundamental choice of letting Renzo”s Protocol along with its etzETH product operate their ethereum ecosystem. This decision, in particular, visibly on the Snapshot governance platform, appears to be a great stride towards the Aave V3 lending capability growth on Ethereum The…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Meme Magic: How Dogecoin’s Co-Founder Sparked a Crypto Valuation Revolution

Just when you thought that finance and meme culture could be separated, it seems that there has been a link between them. Billy Markus, who is one of the co-founders of Dogecoin, has proposed an uncommon financial metric for Bitcoin, and the whole community of cryptocurrency is discussing this subject. Famous for his sardonic approach…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

John Deaton challenges Elizabeth Warren’s tax views, advocates for middle-class

John Deaton has slammed Senator Elizabeth Warren regarding taxes. Deaton’s case rests on the notion that wealthy individuals shouldn’t be taxed, even the poor. This particular viewpoint contradicts Warren’s social media remarks. Warren had used the substantial earnings of big businesses and the wealth accumulating among the richest people as arguments for her anti-taxation approach….Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Aave Chan founder teases fee distribution for holders

Decentralized lending platform Aave is presently working on a proposal that will enable a fee switch which will be distributed to holders. This details was shared on the microblogging platform X by its founder Marc Zeller. The founder said in his statement that the Aave DAO has netted about $60 million in profits every year…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Coinbase shares opinion on the upcoming Bitcoin halving

Traders in the cryptocurrency market have been anticipating the upcoming halving since the beginning of the year. This is down to the fact that every halving comes with a promise of a price surge. With Bitcoin recently hit a new all-time high price, Coinbase believes that it has obstacles to overcome after the halving. The…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Liberal Government Allocates $2.4 Billion to Boost Canada’s AI Capacity

Prime Minister Trudeau made a remarkable move aiming at ensuring the competitiveness of AI within Canada, as he announced that $2.4 billion will be allocated to the reinforcement of national AI enhancement skills in the upcoming budget. Trudeau, during a visit to Montreal, talked about $2 billion only accommodating 60 percent making it equivalent to…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Advocacy groups rally to support Tornado Cash developer

According to recent fillings, 3 top cryptocurrency advocacy organizations have confirmed they’re supporting Roman Storm, developer of crypto mixer Tornado Cash, facing accusations by the US Department of Justice (DOJ). On April 5th, the Blockchain Association, Coin Center DeFi Education Fund each submitted amicus briefs supporting Storm’s petition to dismiss the accusations against him. Storm,…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Cathie Wood cheers crypto optimism and applauds Hong Kong’s web3 move

The founder and CEO of ARK Investment Management LLC and a reputable investor, Cathie Wood, was a guest speaker at the Hong Kong web3carnival.focusing on flaws, she talked about crypto and blockchain technologies’ advantages and voiced her point of view. Wood’s statement articulates that Web3 space is going to be shining in the future as…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Opera Introduces Local AI Models for Browser Users

Opera, whose vision encompasses every aspect of technological progress, AI is being now considerably articulated. The users can nowache the OpenAI models, which then subsequently get applied to the device to establish the AI functionality in the browser and yet keep the data private. This new concept offers users a chance to convert a personal…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Bitcoin eyes strong weekly close, hinting at broader crypto uptrend

Bitcoin (BTC) outperformed the expected direction and rose to $70,000 mark on weekend. This action has been taking place as the cryptocurrency prepares for a weekly candle, which is triggering a reversal with respect to the major market participants. The Trading View revealed a proficient leap of $69,000, Bitcoin almost conquered local frontiers of $69,781…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

What is BadGPT? Ever heard about it?

If intent is wrong, then artificial intelligence can be a lethal tool in the hands of the wrong person. Imagine you are on night duty and you get a call from your home telling you that there is a man standing at your door with a gun in his hands. And your entire family is…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Red & Yellow’s Free AI Course Transforms South African Education

In a path-breaking effort to use technology as a robust tool for teaching, education practitioners from South Africa should be able to access an exclusively online course complete with Red and Yellow Creative School of Business (Red and Yellow) support. This course, named “AI for educators,” is intended for the clearance of the veil of…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Shiba Inu team warns of fake Sheboshi tokens in the market

The Shiba Inu development group has just announced crucial information to the group of their supporters, who are also dubbed as the SHIB Army. The warning is related to the fact that fake Sheboshis are popping up and may pose a threat to customers. The Sheboshis, which have been out since late February, have become…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

April’s Memecoin Picks: Dogecoin, Shiba Inu & Rebel Satoshi

As April unfolds, investors in the cryptocurrency space are eyeing potential opportunities for profitable investments. Among several options available, three meme coins stand out as promising picks for the month: Rebel Satoshi, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu. These coins have captured the crypto community’s attention with their unique features, strong communities, and potential for significant gains….Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

NuggetRush’s Presale Sparks Interest Over WIF and TRON Predictable Plays

TLDR Dogwifhat (WIF) has partnered with Miss Rose. Tron’s (TRX) TVL hit a new all-time high as its DeFi activity soared in March. NuggetRush (NUGX) has also captivated the gaming market, selling over 270 million presale tokens. The project has raised nearly $3.8 million in its presale. Yet, can NuggetRush become one of the top…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

The Role of the AI2 Institute in Developing AI Expertise

AI2, based in France, is introducing new ways and subjects to cater to the growing needs of artificial intelligence professionals in various sectors. As artificial intelligence is playing its role in every industry, from tech-based businesses to pharmaceuticals, and from poverty reduction to conservation efforts, artificial intelligence covers a broad spectrum of today’s life, and…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

AI App Calmara Aims to Transform STI Screening, Sparks Privacy Concerns

Artificial intelligence (AI) penetrates all aspects of daily life in this era, the launch of Calmara, an AI-powered application by Health, marks a bold step into personal health care, specifically sexually transmitted infection (STI) screening. However, this innovative approach has ignited a firestorm of privacy and ethical concerns, underlining the complexities of integrating AI into…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Do Kwon and his Terraform found liable for crypto and securities fraud

The verdict is in, my dudes and dudettes! Do Kwon and Terraform Labs have officially been found liable for misleading their investors. This decision comes after a nine-day trial in the Southern District of New York, marking a big moment for both the defendants and the regulations of crypto in the U.S. The Case Unfolds…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Tesla Set to Unveil Revolutionary Robotaxi: A Game-Changer in Transportation

The company that produces electric vehicles (EVs) and other products such as AI, Tesla happens to be the forefront runner. On the 8th of August 2024, Tesla will reveal the long-awaited Robotaxi, which has become a very popular topic. The unveiling being given is, consequently, the peak of 10-year progress on self-driving, this is based…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

NYC Defends AI Chatbot Amid Criticism and Legal Missteps.

The city of New York launched a chatbot on its website which was powered by the AI technology of Microsoft Azure to help users easily exchange information with small business owners and to make city regulations easy and simple. The intelligent chat bot was conceived as a singlestop in the sea of city laws and…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Top Cryptocurrency Investments For Future Millionaires; Shiba Inu (SHIB) & BUDZ

In the burgeoning world of cryptocurrency, where fortunes can be made overnight and the next big investment is always on the horizon, two tokens stand out as beacons for those aspiring to join the ranks of future millionaires: Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Shiba Budz (BUDZ). These two cryptocurrencies, while sharing a thematic lineage, offer distinct…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Pepecoin (PEPE) Vs O2T – Why This Pepecoin (PEPE) Nemesis Has Showed 500% Better Results for Holders?

The emergence of Option2Trade (O2T) as a formidable contender to the meme coin Pepecoin (PEPE) has sparked intense interest and debate among investors and enthusiasts alike. Achieving an astounding 500% better performance for its holders, Option2Trade (O2T) has not only challenged the status quo but also redefined the metrics of success in the digital currency…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Schools Embrace AI Integration in Curriculum Overhaul

In the fast-changing technological environment, many schools and colleges are redesigning the curriculum to encompass AI in different disciplines. This purposeful change aligns pupils with abilities that fit the needs of the job sector. The transformation of educational implications that American University’s Kogod School of Business sets cue is unparalleled. Dean David Marchick stresses AI-focused…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

AI is Seeping into Politics

As we know, artificial intelligence is affecting most aspects of our lives, and politics is no different. Over time, AI algorithms have become much more sophisticated, and deepfakes are a serious threat to the very fabric of the society we live in. From voice generation to video and image generation, AI is being extensively used….Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Grand Forks UAS Startup Secures $1.1 Million Investment for AI and Technology Development

Aethero, a Grand Forks-based startup mainly dealing with AI and UAS, has raised more than $1.1 million. This funding will help the company pursue its mission of promoting the growth of new unattended aerial systems and artificial intelligence technologies. When Aethero goes public, we expect venture capital to drive our company’s innovation further. Venture capital…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Costa Rica debates legal use of Bitcoin for daily transactions

Costa Rica is already involved in debates on the legality of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and their daily usage. This evolution of the payment system is an indicator of the wider world’s growing openness to cryptocurrencies as a valid payment method. JAN3, a company in the Bitcoin technology industry, recently mentioned that Costa Rica has…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

AI The Double-edged Sword of Public Relations(PR)

AI intergration into Public Relations (PR) movement can be considered as one of the most important steps that entail creation of communication strategies and implementation of them in modern marketing campaigns. AI’s capabilities to execute the tasks, analyze data sets and individually contact the people are full of promises in remaking the PR industry. Albeit…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Anza Network targets Solana’s congestion with new fixes

Anza Network will present schemes aimed at resolving Solana blockchain congestion upon a successful transaction. With this improvement, users can enjoy the completion of their transactions in succession without losing money in the process due to transaction failures. The software developer working on Solana, upon a recent episode where congestion emerged 2 times within 48…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Coinbase hit with revived lawsuit over unregistered digital assets

The 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals allowed the class action suit against Coinbase to continue. In this complaint, the cryptocurrency exchange is being sued for selling or soliciting 79 digital assets that have not registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). However, the designated court confirmed Judge Paul A. Engelmayer’s initial arrest…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

OpenAI and Google’s Data Use Strategies Spark Debate in AI Development

The New York Times exposes the methodology utilized by OpenAI to amass millions of hours of YouTube video transcripts for generating the vast data required of their powerful AI model GPT-4. While it may appear that these companies are following the same path, forming a queue led by the giants Google and Meta, the route…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Meta to Label AI-Generated Media on Facebook and Instagram

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, said it would cease applying its manual tags to synthetic media produced from May. Such regulations can alleviate the burden of common deepfake and misinformation attacks on its media. Addressing misinformation concerns Meta is expected to take new actions to mitigate the spread of synthetic content in…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Dutch Residents’ Mixed Feelings on AI Impact

New ING Research finds Dutch citizens worry far more about jobs being displaced by artificial intelligence (AI) than they worry about AI’s impact on their careers. The study found that 38 percent of the respondents believed that AI would cause a displacement of jobs across sectors, but only 1 percent believed that their jobs were…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Elon Musk’s AI Favoritism and X’s Unchecked Automation

Horrific news floated on social media when Elon Musk’s X platform promoted news about Iran attacking Israel to the front page of its news feed, Explore. On Thursday, one of the titles on X’s main news feed read, “Iran Strikes Tel Aviv with Heavy Missiles,” This would have been a rather worrying update considering the…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

AI Companies Navigate Legal Gray Areas for Training Data

When discussing the recent debate on how Open and Google get their data to fit as the model, you will notice that two terms dominate the debate more: open and Google. The articles published in The Wall Street Journal and the NY Times recently illustrate that how AI-related companies collect data was not up to…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

India empowers non-payment operators to offer CBDC wallets

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has announced an expansion of wallet providers of its Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) wallet. The statement from the bank notes that it will empower non-payment operators to offer wallet services of its CBDC. The bank said that it will make the needed changes to effect this as the initiative…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

South Korean Party woo voters with access to US spot Bitcoin ETFs

Political parties in South Korea have turned to using incentives in the cryptocurrency industry to woo potential voters as the parliamentary elections draw closer. According to a Bloomberg report, the opposition Democratic Party has promised to remove restrictions on several domestic and international crypto products. Some of these include digital assets and exchange-traded funds (ETFs)…Read full story at Cryptopolitan > owner predicts a great divide in the Bitcoin community

Pseudonymous owner and operator of the website Cobra has predicted the incidents that will take place concerning Bitcoin very soon. According to his post on X, Cobra claimed that a great divide will plague the Bitcoin community. He clarified that there would be two sets of people trying to determine what happens next with…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Creatives Embrace AI as a Powerful Tool at OFFF Barcelona

Success and leadership remain the relevant topics at OFFF Barcelona 2022. The various viewpoints alternate between two positions: they will have minds that either see the (?) that supports their view, the one without doubts, or the one with positive self-confidence. AI: A tool for creativity Other than the founder and creative director of the…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Navigating AI’s Impact on Employment: Nigeria’s Urgent Call for Policy Innovation

With increasing worries about the account of the possibility of artificial intelligence wiping off jobs in many countries, Nigerian stakeholders ask policymakers to fashion out measures who will counteract the technology effects on jobs. The AI adoption among Nigerian enterprises has seen a steady rise, with a few worrying that the high unemployment rate could…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Cboe Proposes Innovative Mutual Fund-ETF Hybrid to SEC

Cboe Global Markets has made a bold move that would likely transform a whole class of investment vehicles in the secondary market via ETFs if successful. In its bid to form a structure where mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) run on the same mechanism, a request by Cboe is made to the Securities and…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Google’s Bold Leap: Introducing a Premium AI-Powered Search Experience

The secret behind Google’s new direction appears to be very much its own right, if the rumors circulating in the tech world are an indication. In the financial department of the Financial Times, there is some whisper here and there with unknown informants in the context of which Google is rumored to be considering putting…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

AaveDAO Evaluates DAI Limits Amid eUSD Stability Concerns

AaveDAO, a decentralized autonomous organisation supervising the Aave crypto lending platform, is currently weighing a risky proposal of Chaos Labs for Dai (DAI) collateral limits at this time. Following on the heels of this, the discussion has centered on the partial coverage of eUSD by Dai, which raises concerns over the 12% decrease of the…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Coinbase wins in legal battle over its crypto transactions

Coinbase just scored a big one, boys. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit just handed the nation’s largest cryptocurrency exchange an uncharacteristic legal win. They said, loud and clear, that Coinbase has not and is not violation any Securities Exchange Act’s laws with its secondary crypto sales. Breaking down the ruling Allow…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

AI and Tax Filing: Navigating the Promise and Pitfalls

Along with the open season on taxes, the temptation to employ artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots for filing tax returns and for tax advice will increasingly appear deep to many. Entrepreneur taxpayers tend to pay attention to the novelty, like ChatGPT, that is taking the spotlight of those who need some guidance. Despite this, financial experts…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Innovative AI System Targets Invasive Asian Hornets

The rise of Asian hornets intruding in the UK and some parts of the US has proven itself to be a difficult thing to conquer. According to the researchers, a system named VespAI, developed with AI technology, solved this issue by killing the hornets. The introduction of this innovative technology will potentially make it possible…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

What’s YouTube’s Stand on OpenAI’s Sora and ChatGPT Training?

In a recent development, OpenAI has received a strong warning from YouTube CEO Neal Mohan about using its platform to train the cutting-edge AI models Sora and ChatGPT. This warning is given in light of possible violations of YouTube’s terms of service as well as worries about the source of training data. A discussion regarding…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Low-Entry On $ROE Presale Entices Investors Who Prefer The Token Over Established Coins Like BNB And ADA

Borroe Finance ($ROE) onboards new investors due to its low price and high potential. $ROE is getting more attention than established altcoins like Binance Coin (BNB) and Cardano (ADA). In addition, BNB is nearing its all-time high, and ADA is down by over 75%. Let’s explore these top DeFi coins more. >>BUY $ROE TOKENS NOW<<…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Bitcoin hashrate surges as miners brace for record-Bitcoin halving hit

BTC miners have revealed that they are strengthening their Bitcoin sales before the long-anticipated halving event. Data illustrate that the daily sales have escalated from an average of 100 bitcoins to peak at 1,600 bitcoins in late March, the highest rate since August last year. This is due to the upcoming halving event, which will…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Market Dynamics Shift as Bitcoin Approaches Halving And Leading Investors Rush to this AI Crypto Presale

Bitcoin (BTC) halvings occur roughly every four years and are highly anticipated events for the original blockchain network and the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem. With Bitcoin’s upcoming halving just weeks away, market dynamics are shifting as analysts closely watch its price during consolidation. The upcoming halving, set for April, has reignited optimism in 2024 and has…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

China Utilizes AI to Craft Propaganda, Impacting Global Perception of Gaza Conflict

The Gaza War took place October 7, 2023, known as “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood,” and will be the first war of the twenty-first century. It has brought a new turn with the involvement of artificial intelligence (AI). AI being deployed for military operations, the building of international mindsets, and strategic responses from leading Global players such…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Binance and SEC close to settlement after discovery phase

The legal battle between the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Binance (and its American arm), and its founder, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, is about to enter a critical region. Both sides on the defensive are closing in on the discovery and depositions stage. This joint report that they submitted to the court today indicates that…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Does Israel’s Adoption of AI Military Systems Predict a Sinister Turn in Warfare?

Israel is charged with identifying targets for airstrikes in Gaza using an artificial intelligence system, so enabling the massacre of several civilians. The Israeli military allegedly utilized an AI-powered database called Lavender to create a list of 37,000 possible targets with apparent ties to Hamas, according to a recent investigation by the Israel-based +972 Magazine…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Creator of the Fantom blockchain, Andre Cronje, Weighs In on Solana’s Scalability Efforts

Andre Cronje, the creator of the Fantom blockchain, made interesting observations on Solana’s operational issues during the peak of this blockchain chain’s popularity. To his Twitter account, known as “X,” Cronje shared an official statement countering the growing narrative regarding Solana’s current problems, which had received immense attention from the crypto world on discussion boards….Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

Tech Giants Push Boundaries to Feed AI’s Data Appetite

Whether there is the work of OpenAI, Google, and Meta, AI funding the industrial sector, which comprises various means like collecting or accumulating enormous volumes of digital data in different creative but controversial ways, it is clear that automation abilities and capabilities are increasing. Notably, the efforts entailing actions like taking the measures outlined above…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

XRP holdings increase in Grayscale’s digital large-cap fund

Grayscale Investments has rolled out an important update for the Digital Large Cap (DLC) Fund, its existing product. The organization has liquidated its stake in Cardano (ADA) for an exit in the current quarter. All the money that was left was reinvested in XRP and other similar assets owned by the fund. Restoring the balance…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >

7 Under Valued Memecoins with Potential for 100X Returns in 2024

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, memecoins have emerged as an exciting frontier, offering both entertainment and investment opportunities. While many investors focus on top crypto coins, it’s essential not to overlook the potential of lesser-known memecoins. In this article, we’ll explore seven undervalued memecoins with the potential for significant returns in 2024. 1. Rebel…Read full story at Cryptopolitan >